Mirmy's Weasel Wonderland

Rogue Taxidermist


Welcome to Mirmy’s Weasel Wonderland! 

Weasels are long slender killing machines that include ermine, mink, polecats, stouts, and other deadly mammals. They are not rodents, despite their vermin-esque personal and characteristic qualities. They are able to kill and eat animals far larger than they are, even stalking small children when extra hungry. Especially when that child may likely slip on the ice. I know this first hand.

Weasels have small pointy teeth and occasional bad breath. In fact, they have a particular odor that some may find ‘musky’ or ‘unpleasant’. They can’t help this, so don’t judge

Weasel packs, or groups of weasels are called sneaks.  You will never see a weasel sneak however as they are lonely unsociable misanthropes. 

Some of the weasels you see were either vintage taxidermy mounts or mounted by myself. I did not go out and trap these weasels just to stuff them with dryer lint.  Oh no. They had it coming! Actually,  weasels eat, kill and maim things that people think they should not (like pets, chickens, squirrels, birds, etc) and therefore are trapped not unlike rats or mice. 

The animal skeletons you see are biological specimens who lived a good long life; the nice man who sold them to me assured me of this. 

The human bones were purchased from Berkeley, CA and were remnants of a broken medical models. I feel I saved them from spending the rest of their lives in a drawer. I wrote life stories for each, and I really hope (in all seriousness) that whomever’s bones they are, are enjoying their new life in art. 

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